02 Special Events and Church Services

Everyone WELCOME!       Services are in English:

Sunday Services 11:00 am         Saturdays 7:00 pm



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Moleben for Peace and Makro-Diakonia in the World: Monday 19                    7:00 pm

Service for the Nativity of John the Baptist: Friday 23 June                             7:00 pm

The Feast of Ss. Peter and Paul: Services 28 and 29 June                       7:00 pm




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Great Week, the Lord’s Entrance into Jerusalem: 2017 04 b 

Divine Services for Great Week & Holy Paskha:


Great Tuesday:  The Mystery of Holy Anointing: 11 April 7:00 pm

—Holy Oil Anointing for Healing of the Body, Forgiveness of Sins, & Preparation for Pascha.


 Great Thursday:  Matins of the 12 Passion Gospels (“Strasti”): 13 April . 7:00 pm 

—Jesus is arrested, interrogated, tortured, crucified, and killed.


Great Friday: Confessions and Royal Hours:  14 April  11:00 am


Вечірня Великої Пятниці (з Положенням Плащанці): 14 April 3:00 pm

– Jesus is taken down from the Cross and is buried in the Tomb of St. Joseph of Arimathea


Great Friday: Jerusalem Matins & Procession: 14 April 7:00 pm

–the Holy Theotokos & the Myrrhbearing Women (+Nicodemus & Joseph of Arimathea)

–at the Tomb, mourn Jesus, prepare His Holy Body for Burial,

–Procession and entry into the Tomb of Christ:  the Funeral and Graveside Service      


Great Saturday: Holy Sabbath Service with O.T. Readings:  15 April  3:00 pm

Jesus lies in the Tomb dead in the flesh & Women come to the tomb and discover it Empty!

Vespers & Old Testament Prophesies of the Resurrection. Colours change from dark to bright


Holy Paskha: Saturday night: (all English) Resurrection Service: 15 April 10:30 pm


Великдень: Пасхальна Утреня і Служба Божа & Blessing of Food: 16 April 9:00 am

on Easter, Sunday Service is transferred to Saturday 15 April 10:30 pm

no Saturday 7:00 pm on 15, 22, 29 April





The Great Fast

Forgiveness Vespers, Feb 26 Sunday – Start the Great Fast II                          7:00 pm

Mini- Great Kanon pt.1: Tuesday 28 Feb.                                                                 7:00 pm

Liturgy of Pope St Gregory, Wednesday 01 Mar.                                                   7:00 pm

Mini- Great Kanon pt.2: Thursday 02 Mar.                                                               7:00 pm

Liturgy of Pope St Gregory, Friday 03 Mar.                                                              7:00 pm


During the Forty Day Fast:

The Holy Liturgy of Pope St Gregory: Every Wednesday & Friday                    7:00 pm (plus Salutations of the Theotokos and general Panakhyda on Fridays after the Liturgy)


–week of Mar 22 & 24  (no mid-week Services)

–Mar 15, Liturgy will be at Holy Cross Surrey (Parish Mission)


THE GREAT KANON: Wed 29 March:                                                                          7:00 pm






Holiday Services:

Christmas Day (25 December) Christmas Service — (English):       25 Dec 11:00 am

The Circumcision of our Lord, & Saint Basil: Festal Vigil:                       31 Dec 07:00 pm

Great Feast of Theophany Eve:                                                                 05 Jan 07:00 pm

– Festal Vespers & the Liturgy of St. Basil & the 1st Great Blessing of Waters








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The Holy Glorious and All-Praised Leaders of the Apostles, Peter and Paul:

June 28, Tuesday
7:00 pm

Reception & Chrismation of Dr. Justin Tse, PhD.
Festal Divine Liturgy:

06 29 Peter Paul

MonkMedMrg poster jpg

Wednesday June 22

Monkish Meditations on Marriage:

An Evening Retreat for Couples (& others)

Relationship Insights from the Byzantine Wedding Service

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm: Presentation, Sharing, & Discussion

The Very Rev. Richard S. Soo, S.J.
Richmond Eastern Catholic Church: 8700 Railway Ave., Richmond


Services of the Great Fast:

Clean Week Services(Feb 07 – 12):

Forgiveness Vespers (Sunday 7:00 pm)

Mini-Great Kanon, Part 1 (Tuesday 7:00 pm)

Liturgy of St. Gregory, Clean Wednesday 7:00 pm

Mini-Great Kanon, Part 2 (Thursday 7:00 pm)


Every Wednesday & Friday (unless otherwise excepted [check Bulletin])

Liturgy of St. Gregory: 7:00 pm

The Great Kanon of St Andrew (Wed. in the 5th Week of the 40 Day Fast): 7:00 pm

Great Week Services: (March 21 – 26)
— Great Wednesday 7 pm: the Great Anointing for all parishioners
— Great Thursday 7 pm: the Service of the 12 Passion Gospels
— Great Friday 10 am: Confessions (with the Royal Hours)
— Great Friday 3 pm (Українською) Вечірня Великої п’ятниці з літургії Благовіщення

–Great Friday: Jerusalem Matins & Procession:  7:00 pm                                                       (Mourning Jesus and the Funeral Lamentations)

— Great Saturday 3 pm: Paschal Eve Vespers

The Great of Holy Resurrection Feast of Paskha!!!
— Saturday night (26 Mar.) 10:00 pm: The Resurrection Service

— Великдень: 9:00 am: Пасхальна Утреня і Служба Божа


Special Services to prepare for Christmass:

–every Tuesday at 7:00 pm: Moleben Service to Immanuel

Holiday Services:

Christmass Services:
24 Dec. (Thursday) – НАВЕЧЕРІЯ РІЗДВА
09:00 pm – Велике повечір’я й Служба Божа
25 Dec. (Thurs.) Nativity of the Lord Jesus the Christ
11:00 am – Christmas Service
The Feast of St Basil:
31 December (Thurs.) – The Circumcision of our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus the Christ – Saint Basil the Great, Archbishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia
07:00 pm – Festal Vespers

Theophany Services: 06 January (Wednesday)
07:00 pm – Festal Vespers & the Liturgy of St. Basil & the 1st Great Blessing of Waters

09 January (Saturday)
07:00 pm – Vigil Service
10 January (Sunday) – Sunday after Theophany
09:00 am – Служба Божа with the 2d Great Blessing of Waters
11:00 am – Sunday Service with the 2d Great Blessing of Waters

2015 Nov 15:

Immanuel Moleben during St Philip’s Fast (Nov 15 – Dec 24), every Tuesday 7:00 pm

Infant Requiem Service for baby Tessa, req. by Jasmine Bean Nov 18, 7:00 pm

Parastas Memorial Service for the servant of God, Jeffrey, req. by Matt Martin, Nov 19, 7:00 pm


Memorial Services for Mary Dawydiak (fallen asleep in the Lord on Mon. 07 Dec.)
Memorial Services:
–Sunday (past) Last Rites (Kanon of Supplication at the Parting of the Soul from the Body)
–Tues. (past) the Great Panakhyda served after the Person has Reposed
–Wed. (past) the 3d Day Memoral Panakhyda
–Sunday evening, 13 Dec. @ Richmond Funeral Home: Funeral  Evening Service, 7:00 pm
–Monday morning, 14 Dec. at the Church: Funeral Service (the Order of Burial) 10:00 am
–9th Day Panakhyda, Tues, 15 Dec (before the Moleben to Immanuel) 07:00 pm
–40th Day Memorial Divine Liturgy Friday, 15 January 07:00 pm

Nov. 25, Wednesday, 7:00 pm:

Byz Bereavement Poster jpg

Special Services for Sep  (beside to our normal Sat 7pm and Sub 11am Services)

09 08 nativityofmary
Nativity of the Theotokos: Festal Vespers, Sep 07, Monday 7pm

Nativity of the Theotokos: Festal Matins, Sep 08, Tuesday 7pm

Sunday Sep 13: Special Guest Speaker, blessed by the Bishop to speak at the end of the Divine Liturgy: Leah Smigel will help us to reflecti on crucial aspects of our life. Ms Smigel is a member of the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos parish (St. Mary’s. She has been involved with the catechetical programme at St. Stephen parish in Calgary, introducing adults to the faith in our Byzantine Catholic Church.

The Dormition Fast: August 1-14: preparation for the Feast of the Holy Dormition

40th day Parastas for the Hieromonk Michael Stogre SJ: Mon. 03 Aug. 7:00 pm

Chotky Wkshop Poster 4

Shining with Divine Light: making a Jesus Prayer Rope Workshop
–with Subdeacon/Seminarian Mykhailo: August 04 7:00 pm
–with an Introduction to the Hesychastic Spirituality of the Byzantine Churches

Feast of the Transfiguration: August 05, Great Vespers 7:00 pm
Feast of the Transfiguration: August 06, Festal Matins 7:00 pm

Patronal Feast Day (Praznyk): Festal Matins: August 14 Friday 7:00 pm
Patronal Feast Day (Praznyk): Hierarchical Liturgy: August 15 Sat. 10:00 am


Experiencing Eastern Christian Spirituality

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Refreshments following

Often understood as a Western religion, Christianity originated in the Middle East and beyond, where it has continued to develop and celebrate its ancient practices of prayer, mysticism and spirituality.

This workshop, designed for Christians and non-religious alike, offers an introduction
to Eastern Christian spirituality, prayer and worship.  Specific attention will by given to specific methods of prayer and worship and the rationale behind them.

After concluding with a time for questions, refreshments will
be served. Cost is free.

Welcome our Holy Day Services:

Great Wednesday: 7:00 pm: Anointing Service
Great Thursday: 7:00 pm: Service of the Passion of the Christ
Great Friday: 10:30 am: Confessions & Royal Hours
Great Friday: 3:00 pm: Vespers of Entombment
Great Friday: 7:00 pm Jerusalem Matins
Great Saturday: 3:00 pm: Vespers with Old Testament Readings
The Great PASKHA (Easter): Saturday night: 10:30 pm: Resurrection Matins:

regular weekly Services:

(in English, but textual translations in other languages available)
Божественна Літургія: 9:00 ранку по неділях

Saturday evening Vigil Service: 7:00 pm
–available each Sat. after the Vigil or by appointment
–offically known as The Holy Mystery of Repentance


For the 12 Great Feasts of the Church:  (http://orthodoxwiki.org/Great_Feasts)

we usually have Festal Vespers on the eve of the Feast at 7:00 p.m.

and Festal Matins on the evening of the Feast at 7:00 p.m.



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